Take a Quiz: Access Cloud Academy AWS Test Questions for Free

(Update March 2019) We’ve launched Skills Profiles, a visualization of your organization’s cloud competencies. Skills Profiles allows you to track your cloud computing training progress and understand how cloud knowledge advances over time across your organization’s teams and assess individuals’ skill sets using Knowledge Graph™.

How would you rate your cloud knowledge? Are you the Amazon Web Services expert you’d like to be?

You’re probably already aware that Cloud Academy applies a multi-pronged approach to skills training. Video courses provide the knowledge, hands-on labs add real-world experience, and our quizzes help the knowledge you’ve gained take hold for the long haul.

But of course, pushing yourself through a tough set of technical questions is also a great way to assess your current knowledge level. Perhaps you’re closer to AWS certification than you think. Perhaps now is finally the time to invest some serious time and energy into getting yourself to the finish line!

You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Why not take advantage of our special large set of free AWS quiz questions? You don’t need to be a Cloud Academy member, just head over to our Amazon Web Services page and click on the “Test Your Skills” link. Or dive right in with a question on S3, EBS, EC2-AMI, or CloudFront.

And speaking of quiz questions, Cloud Academy is constantly increasing the overall number of questions in each of our regular quizzes. Over this past month, we’ve added more than 175 questions on AWS alone! And they’re not just about the old standards like EC2 and S3 (although we’ve also got plenty of those). Here’s how our latest additions breakdown by subject:

Service New Questions
S3 14
EC2 44
SES 52
AppStream 29
SimpleDB 18
WorkSpaces 20

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