Get Ready for the AWS Certifications

(Update) We’ve recently updated AWS Learning Paths to prepare for the AWS certifications, please visit the AWS Learning Path library page to start preparing for the certification of your choice.

 On top of that, we’ve also released some great new content to prepare for all AWS certifications, visit Cloud Academy’s AWS library for the latest.

One of the most awaited courses landed just a few days ago on, that is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level Certification course, the first of a 3-parts course to get ready for AWS certifications. Providing such an important course is a major step for our platform, and I’m really happy that we finally made it.

Get ready for AWS certifications

We already covered the topic of AWS certifications thoroughly in our blog, and particularly we discussed the thing in great details in our AWS Certifications Learning Paths. At a glance, the AWS Solutions Architect certification aims at certifying your skills and knowledge as a Solutions Architect, that is designing complex architectures according to the needs of your customer and its requisites about fault-tolerance, data safety, high-availability, etc. You will be tested about your skills in identifying solutions built following the AWS best practices, and about your capacity of helping and assisting developers and system administrators along the project lifecycle.
Creating Volumes on EC2 Management Console
Although it’s not the most difficult path out of the five available in AWS, it still is not an easy one, and you will need a mix of different aids to get through it. As you may have read in the dedicate post about how to get ready for AWS certifications, there is no single thing that can make the difference in passing the exam, rather it’s a combination of many different activities, first and foremost having some previous experience with AWS solutions and products. Nevertheless, a course like the one we just published is a great help, since it builds from the ground up and can give a complete overview of all the services that are part of the exam

The first part of our dedicated course

Needless to say, this new course is a major help that you now have available. In this first part out of the three that will complete the course, you will learn more about AWS in general and will get a thorough overview of the basic services like EC2, EBS, S3, and IAM. You will learn more about the founding concepts of each service, and will also see clear and thorough walkthroughs to learn how to use those services, an excellent mix of theory and practice.
Create a Bucket on the S3 Management Console
The next two parts will cover the remaining services and will also discuss important design topics and best practices to plan reliable and highly available applications. Let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. Cloud Academy’s Hands-on Labs to learn by doing on real Cloud resources, Cloud Academy is now the perfect platform to get ready for AWS Certifications, where you can learn, get tested, practice yourself and get in touch with other experts who went through the process ahead of you and can share with you important insights about the AWS certifications.

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