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I was just checking the Cloud Academy’s Training Library and I’ve been so pleased to notice how that list got longer in the last days. We added many new Learning Paths, video Courses, Hands-on Labs, and Quizzes and they are getting quite a warm response, which is just great.

So, let’s see a quick recap of all the best courses and resources we published in the latest days to learn Cloud computing. They span across very different arguments and topics, I’m sure you’ll like them.

How to use the AWS Command Line Interface

This course by the Cloud Expert and Linux System Administrator David Clinton will bring you in a long trip across the AWS Command Line Interface. You will learn how to use it proficiently in your daily operations with the most important AWS services this CLI is available for, and will also see many examples to understand how to perform some common activities for those services right from your terminal.

Getting Started with Docker

Docker is just one of the hottest news nowadays, isn’t it? Despite being based on a quite simple idea, Docker is a complex tool and needs some skills to be truly mastered. The Getting Started with Docker course will tell you everything you need to know to start using it and become a proficient user, also revealing you some tips and tricks to perform complex tasks in seconds.

How to use CloudFormation for AWS Automation

This course has been crafted by our Senior DevOps Engineer, Antonio Angelino, a smart and skilled guy that knows just everything possible about AWS CloudFormation, the service to automatically deploy complex infrastructures starting from a template on a text file. Antonio will show you how AWS CloudFormation works and how you can use it to build scalable and reliable architectures.

How to Architect with a Design for Failure Approach

Keeping your architecture up and running even during the worst accident possible is your priority? Then you should really take a look at this course by the expert Cloud Architect Kevin Felichko, who will show you how to build a highly available application, architecting the whole infrastructure with a design for failure approach, taking advantage of AutoScaling, ELB and VPC to run a standard Ruby on Rails application on an EC2 instance with data stored on an RDS-backed MySQL database and assets stored on S3. And, hey! This course is free!

Static Website Hosting, Storage and Content Delivery on AWS

If you need to host a plain and simple static website, maybe you are looking for a full featured hosting service to get great performance at the lowest cost possible, right? Well, the chance is that you might fulfill your task just by using the good combination of S3, CloudFront, and Route53, at a ridiculously low monthly fee. This course will tell you how to make this magic come true.

Lab to get started with S3 and hundreds of new questions.

And we’re not done yet! We also released our second Hands-on Lab – Create your First Amazon S3 Bucket, an introduction to S3 to learn how to get started with the most popular AWS storage service by operating on real cloud resources while our exclusive technology monitors your advancements and gives you hints if you are stuck. Also, we launched hundreds of new AWS questions about Route53, Glacier, and S3, and more will arrive soon. Check our Upcoming Content to stay updated with our next news, and of course, use the form you find there to share your feedback with us!

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