New at Cloud Academy: Discussion Area, a New Path, Service-Based Quizzes, and Rackspace

(Update) We’ve recently released some new product features to further enhance your training experience:

Hands-on Labs, live cloud environments for your team to build and validate practical experience directly on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, data pipelines, and much more.

Training Plans will help you assign, manage, and measure structured cloud training at scale.

Skill Assessments will help you trend your team’s aptitude by platform, domain, and topic and identify possible skill gaps.

Check the Cloud Academy Training Library for all the latest content we’ve released across  Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, and other cloud ecosystem services. New content and updates are added every month.

A lot of news this week at Cloud Academy. Our mission to create the best platform to learn cloud computing and test your skills continues with a lot of features that we planned during the last weeks and are now already available for you all. Let’s see them together.

What other Cloud Academy subscribers say

One of the key and most appreciated features of Cloud Academy are the learnings, small fragments of knowledge we show you after you answered a quiz. They typically tackle one very specific argument and give you an overview of it, and, most important, improve your culture about it. Starting today, the learnings are enriched by a new feature: the possibility to comment the learning itself in its own page.

This commenting area will give you the opportunity to discuss the content of the learning, present your point of view, introduce ideas based on your experience, and even argue with your fellows when you disagree with them. And if learning or its discussion is particularly interesting to you, click the “Save” link on the page to add it to your bookmarks, so that you can browse them later on.

CloudCareer for SysOps Administrator Associate Level

Our exclusive CloudCareer product now features a brand new path for the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Level Certification Exam. That means 250+ new quizzes and learnings about the topics of the certifications, all based on real-life scenario to challenge your skills and test your global knowledge in preparation for the exam. We are getting a huge success with CloudCareer, and we receive a lot of emails who thanks us for the help that CloudCareer provided them in getting ready for certifications’ exams. This new path has been specifically crafted and tailored for the SysOps Administrator Associate Level Certification Exam, and, just like for all the paths available in Cloud Career, once you have completed the path you will get a complete resume of your results and will have the possibility of browsing all the learnings to brush up on the topics you know worse:

Test yourself on a specific provider’s service

This is a long-awaited feature we finally solved once and for all: if you want to test your skills on a specific service of a provider, you can now choose your path and get questions for it only. You can either browse the platform’s page and pick the service you want to challenge you on, or click the button to choose the service once you have already started your testing session, as shown here:

Thereafter, you will be asked questions and will be shown learnings, only about the service you choose.

Rackspace lands on Cloud Academy

Last but not least: Rackspace finally landed on CloudAcademy. Rackspace is a growing platform based on OpenStack which is getting quite a huge success and is being adopted in several organizations. Today we launched the initial set of quizzes and learnings about Rackspace, and more content will be delivered very soon.

And the best is yet to come

So, a lot of new features, a lot of new content, a lot of news for Cloud Academy. And the best is yet to come, with many more items in our ToDo list we are working on. Stay tuned, we are looking forward to getting them ready and hear your feedback!

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