Docker Webinar Part 3: Production & Beyond

Last week, we wrapped up our three-part Docker webinar series. You can watch the Docker Webinar session on the webinars page and find the slides on Speakerdeck. Docker Webinar part one introduced Docker, container technologies, and how to get started in your development environment. It ended with a demo of using Docker Compose for development environments…

Container technologies: more than just Docker

Container technologies: Docker has gained widespread industry adoption and success since its release in 2014. As more people push to Dockerize everything, it’s important to realize that Docker is only the first wave of successful container technology. Here are just some of the reasons why what we’re seeing is only the beginning of mainstream container technologies adoption. My..

New Course: Introduction to Docker

Docker has become a mainstay in the DevOps world, and Cloud Academy has released a new course called Introduction to Docker in order to gently introduce you to this incredible technology. We’re very excited to release this course because there is an enormous amount of demand for container technologies in the cloud industry. We’ve designed..