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Cloud Academy CEO, Stefano Bellasio, gives a live demo of our new product, Cloud Academy for Teams

Join us for our next webinar on March 23rd as CEO Stefano Bellasio does a live demo of our new product, Cloud Academy for Teams, a special version of Cloud Academy designed specifically for companies and teams to learn, train, and test their skills in the cloud.
It’s no secret that the IT industry has seen a huge demand recently in cloud computing skills around topics like Amazon Web Services and DevOps. Of course, it’s no surprise for our readers that just a few days ago our team published an updated Cloud Jobs Infographic which shows how an incredible 43% of US companies are now having trouble hiring people with cloud computing skills. That, in itself, is a strong argument for how Amazon Web Services and AWS Certifications are a powerful driving force for the cloud industry, and also how their certifications are now the de facto standard for the entire cloud market.

Now, our team is also focused on helping thousands of companies, alongside developers and students worldwide, train and test their teams with Cloud Academy for Teams. This version comes with a customized management dashboard and a set of features all designed to help manage different teams, collect and analyse consumption and progress, and keep everything organised with a simple set of permissions.
Cloud Academy for Teams
During the live demo we’ll also show some of the most commonly used scenarios by our customers–and our clients range from small companies to large enterprises. Stefano will answer your most pressing questions and show you a sneak peek of some upcoming features for Cloud Academy for Teams!

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