AWS Fundamentals: 2 New Courses

Professionals in every field will tell you, fundamentals are the keys to success. Basketball, soccer, law, finance, computing or anything requiring mastery should build from a rock-solid foundation. AWS Fundamentals are no different.

Cloud Academy offers two new AWS Fundamentals courses. These classes require only basic IT and AWS cloud skills. Students will acquire building blocks that will support a lasting career in the growing cloud industry.

Enterprise Fundamentals for AWS

By DevOps Engineer Eric Magalhães

This new course offers 5 lessons for 52 minutes of video.
AWS Fundamentals
This course is for anyone starting with the AWS cloud.  It is tuned toward systems engineers and Windows administrators.
Explore the enterprise applications AWS offers, including Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkDocs, and Amazon WorkMail. Start with a basic overview of each service, then move to a more practical experience by demonstrating integration of all these services with an on-premises network, and a discussion of the available options to configure these services in making them suit your company’s needs.

Analytics Fundamentals for AWS

Fernando Schubert has constructed 8 lessons for 1 hour and 19 minutes of video.
Analytics Fundamentals
Learn about the Analytics tools provided by AWS, including Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), Data Pipeline, Elasticsearch, Kinesis, Amazon Machine Learning and QuickSight which is still in preview mode.

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