Introduction to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage: New Course

A great new course with a title you can remember — Blob Storage

Microsoft Azure grows and grows and so does our coverage of this vital competitor in the cloud universe.
Once again Trevor Sullivan takes students into the beating heart of Microsoft Azure with his latest offering.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

This video course features 10 quick lectures for a total of 28 minutes.
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
During this course, we’ll take a look at the Microsoft Azure Storage service’s blob feature. This service is similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3).

While Amazon S3 has “buckets” and “objects,” Azure Blob Storage has “containers” and “blobs.” Microsoft Azure Storage is geo-distributed, redundant, highly available, and resilient. You can leverage this service for your applications with confidence, knowing that your data will always be a simple API call away.

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