Getting started with Azure: from newbie to expert

Getting started with Azure: In my last post, I talked about my strategies for becoming familiar with the AWS cloud, from beginner, all the way to certification. In this post, we’ll focus on another of the leading cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure. As a software engineer who has worked with it for many years, I’d like..

What is cloud computing?

If you’re wondering what is cloud computing and how it works, then this series is for you. In our first post, we’ll answer the question: What is cloud computing? Today, we’ll talk about cloud computing resources, cloud deployment models, and key cloud concepts. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll cover cloud service models, cloud..

5 Insider Tips for AWS Recertification

AWS certifications provide leverage for IT professionals with the required skills – principally in designing, deploying, and operating applications and the infrastructure on Amazon Web Services – looking to advance their careers. However, there are some key issues you should be aware of with regards to recertification.  For maintaining your AWS-certified status, you are required once in a while to..

AWS Certification Exams: What to expect

I have taken and passed all 5 of the AWS Certification Exams. This is what it is like to schedule and sit for one of the tests. You Have Skills. Now What? After deciding to develop professionally in your technical career, you pursue AWS Certifications as a means to demonstrate knowledge, and, maybe even get..