Cloud Academy’s Blog Digest: Azure Best Practices, 6 Reasons You Should Get AWS Certified, Google Cloud Certification Prep, and more

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Since this time of year can be stressful, we’re sharing a few of our latest articles to help you relax during this busy time of year. We hope you find them helpful this holiday season.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Get an AWS Certification This Year

If you’re looking to take your skills as a developer or technology professional to the next level, then getting AWS certified is a great idea. In this article, we’ll cover the top six reasons why getting an AWS Certification is a great idea.

Application Load Balancer vs. Classic Load Balancer

What is an Elastic Load Balancer? This post covers basics of what an Elastic Load Balancer is, and two of its examples: Application Load Balancers and Classic Load Balancers.

AWS Regions and Availability Zones: The Simplest Explanation You Will Ever Find Around

We’re going to treat this article as a sort of AWS 101 — it’ll be a quick primer on AWS Regions and Availability Zones that will be useful for understanding the basics of how AWS infrastructure is organized. We’ll define each section, then clearly list the current availability, and sprinkle in some best practices as well.

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Azure Security: Best Practices You Need to Know

Securing Azure can pose many unique challenges. The security of resources hosted in Azure is of the utmost importance, though it is sometimes overlooked by companies new to the environment. While Azure certainly provides help with securing your business assets, a great deal of responsibility is shared and requires customers to do their part to secure their Azure cloud. In this article, we’ll discuss our top nine Azure Security best practices.


Google Cloud Certification: Preparation and Prerequisites

With more and more companies using Google Cloud Platform for at least some of their cloud requirements, there is an increased demand for GCP certification training. Google now has seven certification exams that teams and IT professionals can use to validate their GCP skills.

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Introducing the Foundation Certificate in Cyber Security (FCCS) Learning Path

Cloud Academy’s new Foundation Certificate in Cyber Security (FCCS) Learning Path, developed with QA, acts as a foundation for more advanced managerial or technical qualifications and provides a thorough general understanding to enable businesses to ensure they are secure.

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Cloud Academy: #1 Training Tip

We know it’s tough to stay on track. That’s why we’re introducing Cloud Academy’s new training tips to help you stay motivated to study. We’ll dive right into why we think this tip deserves the top spot.

Cloud Computing: Can It Be a Solution for Your Marketing Strategy?

The competition in the business landscape is daunting and you need to go the extra mile to establish your presence in the market. Besides just ensuring that the products you offer are of the best quality, your marketing strategy should also be better than the rest. In this article, we’ll explain how cloud computing serves as a powerful solution for your marketing strategy.

Understanding Enterprise Cloud Migration

Is your organization considering cloud migration? Learn how cloud migration can impact your enterprise in the short and long term.

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Java Programming: How to Send Emails Using Amazon SES

There are many use cases where we need to send emails from our applications to customers. We see use cases in e-commerce when a user purchases an item and an order confirmation email has to be sent. In workflow applications, whenever there is a change in process flow, a notification email will be sent. In this post, we will explain simple steps to send emails using Java programming and Amazon SES. 

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New Content

New on Cloud Academy: AWS Solution Architect Associate Lab Challenge, Azure Hands-on Labs, Foundation Certificate in Cyber Security, and Much More

Our Content Team really kicked it into overdrive with tons of new content this month. You’ll be amazed at the number of new courses, hands-on labs, and lab challenges!

New Lab Challenges: Push Your Skills to the Next Level

Hands-on experience is required to translate knowledge into real-world results. Cloud Academy announces the newest lab challenges to get your prepped for the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate exam, or test your Java chops.

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Platform Updates

Introducing Our Latest Platform Improvements

Here at Cloud Academy, we’re customer- and product-obsessed. It’s our mission to understand what our users want and need so we can help to empower their learning goals. We listen to feedback and continually deploy updates that will help you have a better experience. Check out how we’ve improved performance and UX within our platform.

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