New Content: AWS Terraform, Java Programming Lab Challenges, Azure DP-900 & DP-300 Certification Exam Prep, Plus Plenty More Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Big Data Courses

This month our Content Team continues building the catalog of courses for everyone learning about AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. In addition, this month’s updates include several Java programming lab challenges and a couple of courses on big data. In total, we released five new learning paths, nine courses, and 19 labs.

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HANDS-ON LAB: Starting a Highly Available Graph Database With Amazon Neptune

In this lab, you will create a DB subnet group, a Neptune Database, and you will perform some SPARQL commands.

COURSE: Amazon S3: Data Replication and Bucket Key Encryption

This course explores two different Amazon S3 features: the replication of data between buckets and bucket key encryption when working with SSE-KMS to protect your data.

LEARNING PATH: The Infrastructure Developer’s Guide to Terraform: AWS Edition

Learn how to manage AWS infrastructure using Terraform, the most popular infrastructure-as-code tool in the DevOps toolbelt.

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Deploy EC2 with Terraform Challenge

In this lab challenge, you will test your Terraform knowledge. You will be tasked with developing an infrastructure-as-code solution using Terraform by creating a configuration to create a VPC, Subnet, and EC2 instance.

LEARNING PATH: Start Modelling Data with Amazon SageMaker

Start building business solutions with the latest SageMaker services

COURSE: Get Started with Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, Data Pipeline, Feature Store and Ground Truth

The latest SageMaker services released at re:invent 2020

HANDS-ON LAB: Testing Terraform Code with Terratest

Develop a test to validate a Terraform module using Terratest, a popular Golang library for testing Terraform code.

HANDS-ON LAB: Aggregating Data with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)

Learn how to aggregate data using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka in this hands-on lab.

HANDS-ON LAB: Keeping Terraform Remote State DRY with Terragrunt

Learn how to use Terragrunt to create separate Terraform environments with a remote state following DRY principles.

HANDS-ON LAB: Passing Outputs Between Terraform Modules with Terragrunt

Learn advanced Terraform techniques by reducing the blast radius of critical infrastructure using Terragrunt to deploy an environment with separate Terraform states.

HANDS-ON LAB: Creating DRY Terraform Environments with Terragrunt

Follow along in this hands-on lab and use Terragrunt to duplicate a Terraform environment and change the environment by modifying a single file.

COURSE: AWS re:Invent 2020 – AWS Glue Elastic Views

This brief course provides insights from re:Invent 2020 regarding the AWS Glue Elastic Views service.

COURSE: Feature Spotlight – VPC Reachability Analyzer

This brief course provides an overview of the VPC Reachability Analyzer, a service that allows you to easily test the connectivity between two points of your architecture. We’ll look at how the service works and its use case. Then you’ll watch a brief demo from the AWS platform which shows how to create and analyze a connection and how to troubleshoot when a destination in your architecture is not reachable.

Google Cloud

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Google Cloud Deployment Manager Challenge

Demonstrate your Cloud Deployment Manager skills by performing tasks required to set deployment manager configurations in this lab challenge.

HANDS-ON LAB: Google Cloud Functions Playground

Practice your Google Cloud functions skills in a free-rein, empty GCP environment by creating and managing cloud functions, pub/sub triggers, and storage triggers in any way you see fit.

HANDS-ON LAB: Google Cloud Storage Playground

Practice your Google Cloud storage skills in a free-rein, empty GCP environment by creating and managing storage resources in any way you see fit.

HANDS-ON LAB: Setting up a Google Cloud Build Configuration to Build Docker Application

In this lab, you will clone a git repo that contains a simple docker application, you will set up a cloud build configuration, and you will run the cloud build configuration you defined.

COURSE: Building and Configuring CI/CD pipelines on GCP

This course explores how to build CI/CD pipelines using tools such as Google Cloud Build, Google Container Registry, and Source Repository.

Microsoft Azure

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Azure Service Bus Challenge

Put your Azure Service Bus skills to the test in this hands-on challenge laboratory.

HANDS-ON LAB: Deploying Infrastructure with Terraform in Azure

Get started on your DevOps journey and learn how to build infrastructure on Azure using Terraform.

HANDS-ON LAB: Sending and Receiving Messages to an Azure Service Bus Topic

In this hands-on Azure lab, you will learn how to send and receive messages to an Azure Service Bus Topic.

LEARNING PATH: DP-300 Exam Prep: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure

This learning path is designed to help you prepare for Microsoft’s DP-300 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure exam.

LEARNING PATH: DP-900 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

This learning path is designed to help you prepare for the DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam.

COURSE: Getting Started with Azure Virtual Networks

This course explores Azure Virtual Networks, how to create them, and how to connect them.

COURSE: Implementing Azure SQL Databases

This course explores how to plan and implement data platform resources specifically with regard to Azure SQL offerings.


LEARNING PATH: Java Beginner’s Challenge Gauntlet

Run the gauntlet of Java lab challenges that increase in difficulty but are suitable for Java beginners.

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Java Challenge: RNA Transcription

Your task in this challenge is to return the RNA complement of a given DNA strand (per the provided RNA transcription rules).

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Java Challenge: Diamond

In this challenge, you will write Java code to write diamond-shaped alphabetic output.

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Java Challenge: Pangram

In this challenge, you will write Java code to determine if a sentence is a pangram.


Write Java code to produce the conversational interface of a lackadaisical teenager named Bob in this challenge.

HANDS-ON LAB CHALLENGE: Java Challenge: Beer Song

In this challenge you will write Java code to recite the lyrics to “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”

Big Data

COURSE: Designing and Implementing a Data Solution — Insurance Claims Dashboard

This course takes you through a case study of a real-world scenario of how data gets processed, stored, and presented for an insurance dashboard.

COURSE: Introduction to Prometheus

This course introduces Prometheus, an open-sourced systems monitoring and alerting toolkit with additional capabilities in service discovery.


Office Hours: AWS Solutions Architect – Associate – Series of Four Webinars

Our experts take a deep dive into the most popular AWS certification exam.

Office Hours: Nail the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Join Guy Hummel, Google and Azure Content Lead, and Tom Mitchell, Google and Azure Trainer, to learn all of the secrets behind this exam.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Landing a Tech Job

Discover the tips and tricks for landing a job in the tech world with the help of engineering and human resources experts from Cloud Academy.

Karting Through Video Game History With Python: How to Manipulate Your Data From Zelda to COD

Join our expert to explore advanced data manipulation techniques applied to video games data with Python.

Office Hours: Hands-on Tips to Pass the CKAD Exam

Gain key insights on how to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam.


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