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Machine Learning Training Library

Study machine learning concepts and methods, test your skills, and reveal insights from your cloud data using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. New content and updates are available every month.

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Getting Started with Machine Learning

Machine learning is all around us and becoming ever more popular. But what is it? To answer that question, get stuck in with the selection of content below that is designed to introduce you to the topic and start you on your journey through the world of machine learning.

Machine Learning on AWS

Machine learning is a powerful tool that can be applied to a range of use cases, and Amazon has a number of services to help you integrate machine learning into your own infrastructures. Check out our content below on the topic, which introduces the concept of machine learning on AWS.

Azure and GCP Machine Learning

Get up to speed with machine learning and AI across Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform with this selection of content. You'll learn about the services and models available to you on both platforms that help you to add machine learning to your software.

Deep Learning Bootcamp

This three-part series takes you through the ins and outs of data science, machine learning, convolutional and recurrent neural networks, and deep learning. As well as exploring the theory behind these concepts, you'll also have the chance to follow along with guided demonstrations that will give you practical experience as well!

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